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Lean user research with PingPong

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Building up a human-centered design process with PingPong

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Alzheimer's Society uses PingPong to recruit testers for design sprints

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PingPong helped Realeyes to recruit and research users from the German market and greatly improve conversion rates

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Isaac N.C.

Senior UI/UX Designer

You sent us some phenomenal people for this last test! Thank you so much for providing such a valuable tool for us. It's the best of its kind.


Peter Gyongyosi

Product Manager

PingPong allowed us to make user testing a habit and a truly fun thing to do by taking care of the painful part of it. PingPong repeatedly connected me with people with just the right background which allowed us to focus on what we wanted to test instead of explaining the basics.


Cindy Kim

UX Researcher

Since I started using PingPong, I've eliminated Craigslist, and Applause for creating a faster pipeline in our design process for testing design concepts.


Tamas Kocsis

Product Manager

PingPong helps us iterate drastically faster on our designs. Preparation for user tests used to take at least 2 working days including screening & recruiting. Since we use PingPong this takes us half working day.


Amanda Johnson

Head of UX

There are a number of standout features on PingPong such as the option to add custom screening questions at no additional cost, and the 'likelihood of finding participants' indicator which is a great time saver when planning test run times. When reviewing the research generated by PingPong, the transcriptions and recordings details provided helps with the analysis and makes the report writing more efficient. Thanks PingPong!

Agency E-commerce

David Pasztor


Our researchers do a lot of user tests and they spend so much time with recruitment both in my UX company and in our startup team at our UX portfolio platform. PingPong is a great help. When we are short on time we can easily start a research, and PingPong can deliver great participants even in niche target groups.


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