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PingPong makes remote product research effortless. Find, schedule & conduct interviews with real people, all over the world.

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If you're a UX professional, product manager or startup founder, you know these challenges first hand:
  • Finding quality users to interview and test your product with is slow and frustrating.
  • You need to interview people from South Africa. Or Malaysia. Or Timbuktu. But it’s hard to track them down.
  • Once you’ve found them, scheduling the research sessions is difficult. Commence the e-mail ping-pong!

We know: it's a pain. That's why we built PingPong.


Access PingPong's growing tester database from more than 40 countries. Start conducting moderated research in hours, not weeks. 🕐

Video, screensharing & recording

Carry out your remote interviews on our video platform: video & audio chat, screen-sharing and interview recording are all included. 🙌

Pain-free scheduling

Quickly book, reschedule & cancel sessions. PingPong supports Google Calendar and Outlook 365 and intelligently books sessions into your calendar so you’re not double-booked.

Incentive management

PingPong automatically takes care of paying your testers. No need to worry about scheduling bank transfers and sending gift certificates.

Here’s what our users and testers are saying about PingPong...

Mirjam de Ruiter is a brand consultant, graphic designer & fashion stylist.

"I love using PingPong because I get to interact with new products and startups and learn from them. PingPong allows me to give feedback to companies who need my help and they get my undivided attention and objective opinion. It's a real win-win for everyone."

Tré is a strategist, writer and co-founder of Loppist.com, a product design storytelling platform.

"As an entrepreneur who has conducted my fair share of user testing sessions, I have to say that PingPong is an excellent service for getting professional and high quality user testing done easily. Their scheduling tool works great and their customer support is always prompt and reliable."

No commitments & no monthly fees

Join great product design teams and startups like Skyscanner and give PingPong a try. You won’t be charged a thing until you create a research and invite your first group of users.

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And if you’re still unsure, just book a friendly product demo and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions:

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