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Effortless remote user research

You know that talking to your users is essential, but until now it has been painfully complex. PingPong takes care of all the hard stuff and saves you days of work. So you can be interviewing users in minutes!

Were helping some of the most progressive companies to build great products:

  • PingPong is unreal: itโ€™s saved us a ton of time scheduling and qualifying people for tests, and the quality of its testers are unparalleled. On top of it all, their team are ridiculously helpful and are designers like us so know what we need. Definitely our go-to for remote user testing!

    — James Costa, Co-Founder and CEO of Phuse

Remote + Moderated Research

PingPong makes remote moderated research easy and fun. Save up to 15 hours of admin work by automating all the slow and painful tasks.

Find research participants from any country near-instantly.

User Interviews & User Tests

Moderate interviews to understand how your users think and conduct user testing sessions.

PingPong recruits, screens and schedules participants.



Weve carefully recruited thousands of people globally to participate in user research studies.

Our vetted research panel consists mostly of working professionals, just like you. 74% of them are 5โญ rated after a user interview.

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Build and manage your own private user panel that you can reach out to anytime. You can also customize registration fields for your semi white-labelled research.

Intercept users within your app and invite them to participate in user research.



We provide stress-free scheduling on your terms through overbooking prevention, adding buffer a between sessions and controlling number of sessions per day.

PingPong comes with a built-in advanced scheduling system with Google and Office 365 integration.



Conduct research inside PingPong with our video calling and screen sharing features.

  • record your sessions
  • watch and share videos with your team
  • invite your team to observe remotely

All in one, simple place.

Transcribe in 110+ languages and dialects

Reduce your transcription time by 80%

Your recorded videos come with Messenger-like transcription. This gives you a structured conversation thats easy to search and work with.

Jump to any sentence in the video with a single click or easily edit mistranscribed text.

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Build your own screener and ensure youre getting just the right people participating in your research. Our smart-screening mechanism allows for auto-qualifying applicants based on their responses. It only lets those who fit your criteria to participate in your sessions.


Advocate user research amongst your peers and get your product managers, developers and designers to see your users struggling in action. Invite them to watch user testing sessions live and inspire the culture of empathy to build better products.


Highlight the most important moments during your sessions & easily jump between them when you play back your recorded videos.


Share your video with your peers and link right back to specific moments.


We handle the incentive management. It's designed to be fully automated, so youll have nothing to worry about after your session is completed. Fully flexible and can be tailored to your needs, with multi-currency support and different incentive per country.

PingPong Paddle Logo PingPong

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