Help startups build products with your opinion & earn money

Designers are always looking to talk to people just like you to get feedback on their apps and websites. Earn up to €50 per hour for taking part in friendly user interviews and user testing sessions. All you need is a stable internet connection and some free time.

Make an impact

Voice your honest opinion and help companies build products that are great for everyone to use.

Get rewarded

Get rewarded for every online session you complete — up to €50 for each 30-60 minute interview.

Sounds too good to be true? Here are some of the most common questions we get from our testers.

Why would anyone pay me to do this?

When designers are building apps and websites, they desperately want to hear what real users think about what theyre building. The best way to get these insights is by running user interviews. But finding great users to talk to and getting honest feedback can sometimes be tricky.

As a tester, youre spending your precious time to help give this valuable feedback, and so our customers (mostly startups and internet businesses) are genuinely willing to pay you for your time.

How do I participate in these interviews?

When you sign up as a tester, your details will be stored semi-anonymously in our user database. Whenever a team is looking for users to interview, theyll tell us about the kind of demographic theyre looking for, such as people from the United States or people who work in education.

If you match the criteria for the interview, you will automatically receive an invitation from us. This invitation will tell you what dates are available for interview and the amount of money youll earn from taking part in it. If youd then decide to participate, just follow the instructions and pick an available time slot thats convenient for you.

Can absolutely anyone sign up to PingPong?

As long as you have a PayPal account — yes! We have testers like you from all over the world. Our clients too, are in many different countries, and research happens day and night. So dont worry about only getting invitations to sessions at inconvenient European hours if youre in the Americas or Asia.

How much can I earn?

The reward for each interview depends on a few factors, such as whos running the interview, how specific their needs are, and how long the interview will run for. Youll be able to earn up to €50 for each interview.

Theres also no limit to the number of interviews you can participate in.

What happens during an interview?

On the day of your interview, youll receive an email from us with a link for you to join the interview. All interviews happen on the PingPong website, it is safe and convenient.

Youll need a webcam, a reliable internet connection and a computer/laptop thats able to run video calls smoothly.

Usually, your interviewer will give you a website link to visit and ask you to share your screen. Theyll ask you a few simple questions: all you need to do is answer them honestly or think aloud by describing your thoughts while youre looking at their product, so that they can learn from your reactions. A silent interviewee isnt the most helpful one 😉

Theres nothing to be nervous about! Interviews are simple and friendly. It is not an examination and youre certainly not being judged on how confident you are, or how good you are with a computer. Your interviewer will talk you through everything you need to know.

How do I get paid?

You will need a PayPal account to receive your payment. Your compensation will automatically be paid to your PayPal account 7 days after the interview. Please keep in mind that PayPal might charge you a small fee for receiving funds, especially if your PayPal account is not in Euro.

Do you deduct taxes from my compensation?

No. Payments made to your PayPal account arent taxed by us, so we dont deduct any taxes. If youre a taxpayer in your own country, its up to you to make sure youre declaring the correct tax on your earnings.

Still unsure about something?

Just send us an email!

  • I love PingPong because it connects me with companies that value my opinion. I get to interact with awesome digital products & help shape the way they work. Often times its products that I use myself almost daily, so its a real win-win for everyone.

    — Mirjam de Ruiter, travel organiser, brand & style consultant
  • As an entrepreneur who has conducted my fair share of user testing sessions, I have to say that PingPong is an excellent service for getting professional and high quality user testing done easily. Their scheduling tool works great and their customer support is always prompt and reliable.

    — Tré Wee, strategist, writer and co-founder of