Improving conversion rates with quantitative and qualitative research

Zsófia Czémán, UX Designer @ Realeyes


Realeyes faced a barrier to conversion with one of their projects based in Germany. This was unexpected because they hadn’t faced this issue with any other country.


Realeyes product team already had a hypothesis about what was wrong and where improvements could be made. They decided to interview users and conduct user tests on their prototype so they could get real feedback from German users in particular.

They reached out to PingPong to help recruit people from the German market and find their ideal users to gather product insights.

To identify what the problem was, Realeyes created a popup questionnaire to enable users to leave feedback.

Despite the explanation about user privacy, most users were still concerned about their personal data. They weren’t familiar with Realeyes and so was the lack of trust was the barrier to conversion.

So people were extremely concerned about their online privacy, which resulted in poor conversion rates and a significant drop off in their funnel.


After the research using the PingPong platform, RealEyes implemented a few changes within their product UX which emphasized confidentiality and enforced online privacy.

We couldn’t have improved our design without qualitative data. The insights we’ve got through PingPong were extremely valuable and clarified the main motivations and concerns of our users.

The research backed the design improvement, then was validated further through A/B testing, showing higher conversion rates when privacy was emphasized more clearly.

PingPong also made the research project much more effective. We could have user sessions very quickly when we had questions or new ideas since finding suitable candidates in a short time was not a problem anymore.

About Zsófia Czémán

Zsófia works as a UI/UX Designer at RealEyes. She manages design and user research for the RealEyes product and web development team.

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