Clips by PingPong is coming + other product news

Published on 2019-08-09 by Zsolt Kocsmarszky

Clips are nearly here!

We're really excited to say that Clips by PingPong is launching shortly and will be available to use on all recordings created after 29th August.

Sharing highlights (and occasional lowlights) from sessions will be that much easier: you'll be able to create, download and share short video "clips" from your sessions. This has been one of our most requested features for a long time and we're really excited to see how you all make use of it.

Faster video processing

We're working hard to improve the video technology under the hood of PingPong. From today, video processing is now much faster than before - you'll be able to watch session videos within 5-10 minutes of the end of the session. Just enough time to grab a quick coffee and stretch your legs before you dive in to review!

New case studies

If you're looking for ideas on how to better use PingPong, or need some ammunition to help convince your wider team to get involved, you might like our 2 newest case studies:

Even more testers

Our global tester pool is now almost 40,000 strong 🎉. Our biggest panels are in the UK, US and Germany, but our pool is now large enough for us to be able to reliably match you with testers for research in almost any European country, many Asian countries and of course North and South America. Say kon'nichiwa, bonjour or hola in your next research!

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