Building a better way of doing user research

Once upon a time, frustrating email ping-pong was a fact of life when trying to run user research. We set out to change that.


Zsolt is a UX professional, product manager and serial bootstrapper who has a lot of experience working with startups. He's responsible for most of what happens at PingPong.


Jon is a designer, developer, writer and entrepreneur who's also a founding member of Hanno. He's in charge of making sure PingPong's business ops run smoothly.


Tamas is a full-stack engineer and bootstrapper with huge experience building complex systems. He's responsible for most of PingPong's codebase.


Sergei is a designer & front-end developer. He may or may not have been designing and building PingPong's marketing websites, among other things.

PingPong was born as a side project from our day jobs, where we spent a lot of time teaching startups how to design products and run effective user research.

Nearly every single project we worked on would require us to track down and schedule users to interview. But this seemingly simple task was often one of the most time-consuming parts of our projects. The fact that we had to do it remotely wasn’t making it any easier either.

In 2016, we decided to bootstrap PingPong to make our lives a little easier. We built a simple prototype and successfully used this to carry out many interview sessions on our client projects.

Once our clients saw how effective and easy PingPong was, they started asking if they could use it too!

So we extended the platform. After a few months of beta testing with clients such as Skyscanner and plenty of iterations, we launched PingPong to help fellow UX researchers, product designers and startups worldwide to easily run remote user research.

PingPong is a bootstrapped startup registered in the UK and currently self-funded by our founders, with additional investment and support from the team at Hanno.

Join us. Use PingPong and say hello to remote user research that’s free of email ping pong, forever!